Frequently asked questions
1. What are Timebeads made of?
Solid Stainless Steel
2. What is inside Timebeads?
The movements are from Seiko Corporation’s movement company, Time Module, and are made in Japan. The small round and small oval Timebeads use the YL50 movement, which is not only hand made and rare but also the smallest movement available in the world, making the YL50 very expensive. All of the other Timebeads use Seiko’s VX00 movement.
3. What quality features do Timebeads have which gives them their value for their price?
  • Seiko made movements from Japan of the highest quality.
  • Solid Stainless Steel construction
  • Water Resistant
  • Enamel Crowns
  • On the Large Oval and Large Round styles there are 24 cz’s hand set with prongs on the bezel.
  • On the Small Oval style, it’s dial is etched, it has a CZ at the 12 position.
  • On the Small Round style, it’s dial is made of Mother of Pearl, it has a CZ at the 12 position.

    4. What is the warranty?
    Your Timebead limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Damage resulting from improper use, accidents, and normal wear and tear is not covered. Examples not covered under warranty are scratched or broken crystals, scratched cases, or broken crowns due to bumping the Timebead against a hard surface or dropping the Timebead on the ground. Please keep your receipt showing proof of purchase; your receipt will be needed to validate your warranty.
    5. These are quartz movements, and quartz means the movement is powered by a battery; how long is the battery expected to last?
    2-3 years
    6. How do I change my battery?
    Batteries should last between 2-3 years but in most cases, if your Timebead stops, it’s time for battery replacement. Ask a qualified service company, such as most retailers who sell watches, to open the "snap back" style case back and to replace the battery. Batteries are standard and should be in stock at most retailers who provide this service. If for some reason you or a watch service company are having trouble finding the right battery for your Timebead, please use the contact form on this website to get in touch with us.
    7. How do I care for my Timebead?
    Timebeads are made of solid stainless steel and not sterling silver. Therefore just wipe with a dry cloth to polish and don’t use any chemicals.
    8. How do I set the time on my Timebead?
    Time Setting — To set the time on your Timebead, lightly tug on the crown or stem until it is pulled out. Turn crown either clockwise or counter clockwise to set the desired time.
    Closing Crown—When time is set push crown inward. This crown must be pushed in to receive water resistant results.
    9. Is my Timebead water resistant?
    Your Timebead is constructed to be water resistant to rain, perspiration, and light water situations. We recommend that you don’t bathe, shower, or submerge your Timebead in water.
    10: What makes Timebeads unique?
    Timebeads uses a screw and clip mechanism to attach to bracelets. This, combined with a clock of such a small size, afforded us the opportunity to patent this product, which we did globally. We have also trademarked the name TIMEBEADS globally.